Hi, my name is Lee Brookes.  I have been drumming for around 30 years and teaching for 17 years.  I have performed and recorded with many bands over the years covering many different styles, from prog rock to punk.         

Currently I am concentrating on tuition and have my 2 kit set up ready to teach you the amazingly gratifying world of kit drumming. 

I am fully CRB checked as is required to teach the drum kit in local schools and academies. 

So if you would like to learn the drums in a relaxed friendly atmosphere then I would love to hear from you.

Beginning anything new can be a daunting experience but as you do not have to follow an academic syllabus then  you are in control of what you want to learn to achieve your aims.

Drum grades 1 to 8  are available to you if you wish to take them, but you may just want to learn a particular style or play for fun! It’s your decision.

Over the years I have developed a fun approach to drum set tuition with the emphasis on working as a team to achieve the aims of my students.

Drumming is fun, challenging and and most rewarding. A simple instument to pick up but takes many years to master. From age 7 to 70, male or female, rhythm is the universal heartbeat of life.